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Sylvia's blog is a blog that discussed various music aspects and is very insightful.

Video Content
This is a candidate that did his Eb Major Scale for Grade 3 together with a backing track.
This candidate performs one of Genre style exercise as required.
The Entertainer is from the Initial grade List B performed by a exam candidate.
A candidate performing the Major & Minor Scales as required for Grade 4.
This candidate played her Recorder exam and her List C music piece was played as Ensemble together with the teacher.
This candidate played “Somewhere of the rainbow” for her List B during exams.
This candidate performed her Rhythmic pattern as required for Pre-Grade 1.
Pre-Grade 1 List A – Drunken Sailor. Improvisation techniques was used by candidate in this piece.
Red River Valley was performed for List B as required for Pre-Grade 1.