About Us

The Music Academy SA was founded in August 1988 with the aim of creating an alternative music examination system in Contemporary music for music educators. As part of the 30th anniversary in 2018, The Music Academy SA underwent a transformation which included: New Management, New Color Scheme, Revised Logo, New Website and the most important change was the implementation of the New syllabus. The Music Academy SA is an independent institution that offers a national music examination system in Contemporary, Jazz & Gospel Music worldwide. Examinations have been held throughout South Africa, three times a year for the past 30 years plus, in various centres. The Music Academy's unique approach to music education has proven that exams should not only focus on recognition for dedicated hard work, but should also be enjoyable and in a relaxed atmosphere. The Music Academy SA has expanded by offering this unique system to teachers worldwide.

What We Offer

Current Syllabus

The current syllabus series was launched as a draft syllabus during 2018, with a 3-year trial period. During this period it was observed that certain changes to the syllabi would have to take place. Work is currently underway to make the necessary changes to the publications. During 2021, the publications will be introduced with these changes. Errata's will also be made available for publication that is already in use. Teachers are requested to pass on these Errata's to candidates.


The content of the syllabus consist of a Technical section, Sight reading, Aural, Improvisation as well as 3 pieces that must be performed.