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Contact Details

Please note that our contact details, for the teachers from South Africa, has changes. Please make use of the details as displayed on the contact page

What is new?

Various new elements is regularly added to our system to improve examinations for candidates as well as teachers.


New syllabuses for various instruments will be available soon.


Examinations are conducted in a digital format. This creates less examination stress for candidates.

Teachers Profiles

Teachers will receive their each individual profiles. On these profiles all their current and previous examination history will be available.


Publications that will be available for various instruments can be bought online directly from this domain and can be downloaded in PDF format. Watch this space for more information.

User Friendly

Publications layout and descriptions is user friendly and easy to understand by teachers as well as candidates.

Changes to Syllabus

Changes has been made to various aspect of each syllabus. Errata's is available from The Academy on request.

Videos Available On Media Page
Education Affiliates

Music Secrets Exposed

Music Secrets is a blog on which the host Sylvia discuss various music aspects.


Die Konservatorium vir Kontemporêre Musiek open in 2023 vir die opleiding van privaat musiek onderwysers in SA.

Online Shopping

Our online shopping section for publications will be launched soon. Please have a look out for this.