Graded Examinations

Examinations are offered in digital format and currently there are 3 sessions to choose from, namely: First session - April/May, Second session - June/July, Third session - November/December. This catalogue is available on request. Contact us at
Closing date for the third session is 15 July 2022.

Achieve the Pinnacle Of Success Together.

Through close networking with our teachers and regular feedback, we achieve our goal and thus creating better educated musicians.

Our Mission

The providing a structured graded examination system, with the use of improvisation techniques and developing creativity

Change The Way Education Is Done.

With the development of creativity through this system, is not just the candidate educated, but also the teacher. Teachers start to think "Out Of The Box" during their lessons.

Recognition For Hard Work

Not only is the hard work that is put in by the teachers recognized, but also the satisfaction at the end of the exams when the candidates receive their certificates. National as well Provincial candidate is recognized with merit certificates.

Syllabus Content

For the past 33 years, The Music Academy has been offering a structured system that sets exceptionally high standards. During this time it was thoroughly tried, tested, and consolidated. Grades from Initial to Grade 8 are available. Syllabuses consist of the following sections: Sight Reading, Aural Section, Technical Section, 2 Music Pieces according to requirements as per list, and 1 Own choice piece.

Ready To Take A New Surge Of Creativity

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